Is a monumental story telling device to engender peace, racist-free and terror-free society. It also unveil the history, present and future of   contemporary art in nation building.

The project seeks to insinuate mentorship ideas to bridge the gap between leaders and youth. Participants worked in multiple media portraying the day’s topic in workshop series at the mosque facilitated by immigrant youth and artists.

Using visual art as a tool to encourage the youth to SAY NO TO TERRORISM.

For the past 15 years, I have been thinking about how to approach and address this issue after one of the worst attacks in New York’s 9/11.

I became more intense in addressing the unfortunate increases in terrorist groups and their recent widespread across the African communities. For instance, it was recently confirmed, that two Ghanaians including a 25-year-old college graduate, have joined the dreaded terrorist group. So it has become very necessary for leaders to think on the best ways and means to guide and protect our communities. The Yankasa Mosque in the Bronx (my project venue) has resorted to focusing Friday sermons to call on the support of every member to reflect, support and join hands to stop these barbaric activities. They usually lament the lack of innovative and educative programs to guide the youth, and so they easily get brainwashed by these criminals.

Another mouthpiece is the office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana, which continuously expresses Islamic views on the issue in various media and platforms.

They have admonished parents both home and abroad to beware of children´s mentorships and the need for community leaders to get closer contacts with its youth to be able to give guidance, since this is lacking.

As a young contemporary African artist and a Muslim, I believe the time has come to voice out my concern; a concern for all rising young Muslims.

“This program is made possible with public funds from the Bronx Council on the Arts through the New York State Council on the Arts.”

Participants reflection on the projects