In “HOWWASTHISYEAR’SWINTER?” I Solicit answers from the inhabitants of Staten Island. This Performance mimics the Sandwich boards, by wearing a placard with the question “ How was this year’s winter?” in a free hand cut out fluorescent paper collage, from the Holland avenue apartments (35, 65, 55, and 85) to the Metro Buss, streets, and the Staten Island Ferry (St. George and White Hall terminal).

The inhabitants participated by writing their answers direct on the placard costume with markers hanging on the card. This act was an extended conversation of a private discussion and my major winter experience to the public in responds to the lamentation of 2013-14 winter, one of the coldest on record with similarities like the 1959-60 winter. “New Yorkers Looking Forward To Spring— Thursday is the day many of you have probably been waiting for — the first day of spring. It’s been a brutal, colder-than-normal winter, and most of us are desperate for warm, and sunny days. (CBSNewYork).” The piece also celebrates a rebirth of color, the transformation from monochrome to polychromatic environment. Spiritually the Model (Myself)  plays a role of a messenger of the people to Him who falls snow every year.