Medium: Photography and found objects

Size: Various 

Year: 2011-2016

In “I MISS YOU HOME” Tijay used photography to document a room where he lived between 2011-2016, located in B388/13, Shukura, Accra Ghana. 

The space serves as a sanctuary space for fellow artists who needed a place to stay on their journey to Accra Ghana, and for intends and apprentices who had come from out of Accra to study under him, neighbors saw it as hub to spend time and discuss political and sports issues among others.

The idea of the space came about on one of  Tijay’s travels across west Africa. Together with other artists they lamented about the high cost of traveling and lodging for artists, and a room his father reserved as a guest room in Nima Accra, Ghana where Tijay lived and work in while attending art school.

Almost Everything in the room is donated by occupants of the space, the objects are arranged into symbolic engaging discoveries as group portraits of occupants, it communicates the hopefulness of our lives that are often overlooked or  forgotten, it recall a valuable history of it's previous life and proprietors. A gesture that mimics “Sankofa” an Adinkra symbol from Ghana which means learning or seeking inspiration from the past for a prosperous future” as well as  quote by Nelson Mandela; “It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.”