In this workshop series, participants create collage artworks in the form of a political movement poster story board advocating for a selected topic of their focus using cut paper, fabric, and photographs with assorted materials.

History plays an essential role in my practice. With this in mind, I aim to contribute to the students thinking process as they become leaders of the communities they find themselves in. 

Through this workshop I hope to create a greater relationship and engage participants with their daily aspirations, letdowns, and contemporary lives, as they prepare to advocate for their communities and themselves while promoting an anti-oppressive environment.

As well as this, I wish to engage participants around the concept of Zaman Lafiya. In the Hausa language, Zaman Lafiya is a commonly used phrase for promoting peaceful coexistence with one’s neighbors, humanity, surroundings and the environment. I do this to promote understanding and appreciation of the importance of building community.

The workshop is structured to close with a reflection on the inspiration quote for my practice, by Nelson Mandela, “It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.”